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“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it” -Buddha



In a welcoming, countryside setting with a holistic and comprehensive approach, our warm and professional team of therapists provide patients and visitors with top quality ancestral and bioenergetic medicinal services.



To consolidate as a centre of ancestral and bioenergetic medicine in Latin America known for its spiritual vision of the human being, and the recovery of a sacred healing relationship. Our facilitates will help people return to their natural state of health by allowing them to recover the memory and essence of their true being and purpose in life. By doing so, we are contributing to an awakening of collective consciousness.

  • Recognition of love and compassion as the fundamental principles of healing

  • Understanding the human being as a unit of body / mind / spirit.

  • Acceptance of differences and uniqueness of each person

  • Respect for nature

  • Constant progress of personal growth for therapists and patients

  • Humour, joy and serenity as indispensable companions of the healing process

  • To offer alternatives to western medicine in terms of vision and approach of the disease-health process

  • To use ancestral and bioenergetic medicine to contribute to the maintenance and restoration of health, and improve the quality of life for people

  • To provide a space of rest in a setting located and designed in a natural environment

  • To promote the diffusion of ancestral and bioenergetic medicine to our community and other health professionals

  • To facilitate the integration of ancestral and bioenergetic medicine in the national health system

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